Women need to feel respected, nurtured, loved, appreciated and safe.  It’s about the warmth of words and the complimentary things that make a difference.  



Your heart feels like glass been broken into pieces. Brokenness is tears, pain and misery. Of caring for someone and they don’t return the love. Recovering from a broken heart  its difficult. Allow God to put the pieces together. 


Where will your distance take you in your relationship ? Are you doing things to prove love? My distance had token me in directions where making them happy was more important. I felt if I could just please my partner in the relationship it was acceptable love ; only to learn i was losing my self worth


Everyone has a path that they are willing to take.  It’s up to the individual which way  their willing to go. Obstacles come into our lives to either hinder us or make us stronger. Relationships are life obstacles and depending on the direction its going; Its truly up to the couple. 


This is the post excerpt.

Toxic relationships exist in any kind of relationship, they become bad habits and unhealthy habits. Very few people don’t address the issues—- many people overlook. Toxic and abusive relationships are different and can cause physical and emotional stress where abuse is assault on a physical level.